Still Here

My website was vandalised last night, and due to the security built into it, my web developer and the web hosts quickly sprung into action and restored everything. Thanks to John the developer. And thanks to the web host support team for their excellent work as well, Daniel R and Kalin D.

I’ve been so busy recently I haven’t had a chance to post updates on the blog but the important thing is I am still working hard producing new items.

Rushlight Gallery

Just received great news! Rushlight Gallery, Reepham in Norfolk have asked me to be one of their gallery artists. The gallery opened on 20th September and I wish Jules and Ernie good luck with this venture. I visited them last week and found Reepham a delightful small town ; worth a visit. The name of the gallery comes from its original use, candlemaking. As a listed building  it still has the original shelving that is now being used sensitively to display art work including two of my Observer series books.

rushlight 10 14wp

I hope that you are enjoying my new web site and that you have found your way to this blog through it. If not please have a look at my work at

At present I have several new books in the workshop. There will be more about these here at a later date.

Thank you for stopping by.